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"Un Broken Momentum"

I was in a prayer meeting this past Weds. We were praying over a specific person, a scientist, who is pioneering in Breast Cancer Research. Although things are moving forward, there have been many ' starts and stops'. What the Lord had me pray over him was, ' un broken momentum', and that the ' start and stop' process is being halted. It is now full speed ahead.

Since that day, I have been hearing that over and over in my spirit. The Lord impressed on me today, this is for the many! Many in ministry, entrepreneurs, church leaders, para church leaders, Christian authors, etc. that have been frustrated, discouraged, or dealing with ' starts and stops' in what God has given them to accomplish! It is finished!

So therefore,

" I declare and decree from this day forward, you will be going forward, full speed ahead. I am removing road blocks, says the Lord, I am making crooked places straight, and loosing whatever provision and Divine appointments needed to do my bidding!" Failure to launch is OVER!"

Be blessed, Josephine Marie Ayers, Flames of Fire Ministries, Inc.


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