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The Adventure of the 'Un Normal'


I was talking to a friend the other day who struggles with perfectionism. As we were talking, I suggested he see the disparities and imperfections of life as, an Adventure of the 'Un Normal!' I knew at the moment GOD was birthing this message.

Oh, this is a place where you feel like you may be trying to ' stand on Jello'! Can you identify?

You may say, what do you mean, Un Normal?  These are days that try our souls, one could say.  Almost everything that we know has either been taken away, and the future seems illusive, in the natural. Of course, we know who holds the future, right?

Myself, I would not know normal, if I fell over it. In 1992 when I rededicated my life to Him, and surrendered to a ‘Radical Obedience’ walk, nothing has been the same. So, the ‘Un Normal’, is now the new normal.

Every day since then is a new ‘adventure’ with Him! I would find myself saying, things like, ‘Good morning Lord, what do you have for me today?”. Sure as ‘shootin’ He would indeed fill my day.

For years I would pray prayers like, ‘Lord I bind my heart, my will, my soul, my spirit and health to that of Jesus Christ’. You WORD says whatever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven’.  These can be dangerous prayers to those that are bound by routine, and are creatures of habit’ DO YOU DARE????!!!!

But to me it was exciting, and soon enough, I would find myself in the ‘right place, in the right time, with the right people, even if I was late!

It was the ‘ultimate surrender’, that came out of ‘ultimate failure’.

Please remember failure IS part of the learning curve.

What I found was excitement, hope (excited expectation), and a new joy and peace.

I found a place of favor at His table that I could have never imagined. Miracle after miracle, things I did not have to strive for.

So fast forward to now, as we face major uncertainties, and everything seems to have been turned upside down, and inside out.

But as I said before, ‘I would not know ‘normal if I fell over it), and ‘normal’ has become a ‘setting on a dryer’.

For many this is terrifying! It is the ultimate surrender of our control of our own lives. The question being, do we really trust GOD with our lives and what we do? Do we really believe He knows our needs and knows what is best for us? Are we ready to take the hands of the steering wheels of our lives, and turn it all over to him? I promise it will be the most exciting thing you will ever do!

Today I want to encourage you all to surrender to GODS plans and agenda, as He will take you to a new level of faith, and a track record of HIS faithfulness. His promise is to carry us through the times ahead! He never changes! He is the GOD that never slumbers.  He is the GOD that even as the enemy roams about seeking whom he can devour, the EYES of the LORD roam to and fro about the earth, to uphold the righteous. He is the GOD that says, ‘Fear Not’, when you walk through the fire and flood, I will be with you, you will neither drown, or be burnt’.  You can never ever go wrong with radical obedience, and surrender. God is looking for ‘friends. Those that when He says ‘jump’, we say, ‘How high”?!

I believe that those who are steeped in His Presence, and operate in radical obedience will walk in Resurrection Power, with signs and wonders following. They will do those greater things than these, that He did, in this day and hour! God is looking for a people He can trust!

As God is working in my life to transform me more and more into His image and likeness, and since I am now bound to His son, by my own confession. I know I am on the right course! The possibilities are endless, and I am excited that every day is a new adventure of the ‘un normal’. What say Ye?

Matthew 16:19
2 Chronicles 16:9
1 Peter 5:8
Isaiah 43: 1,2
Psalm 121:4

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