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My Letter to President Donald Trump and his response


My Letter to President Donald Trump and his response

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
February 05, 2019

Dear President Trump,
     My name is Josephine Ayers. I live in Macedon, NY. By past occupation I am an RN, Realtor/ Notary and also now I am president and founder of a ministry called Flames of Fire, Inc. It is a 501© 3 corporation. www.flamesoffire.us.
     The reason I am writing is twofold:
     First, I am a great fan of yours. I pray for you and your family, and it clear that you ARE, GOD’s Man on the Job.  I don’t know if you realize in the book of Nehemiah, Nehemiah was called on by God to build a wall to protect Jerusalem.  He was met with great opposition, as well. However, the story had a happy ending. Read it if you have not. You are our modern-day Nehemiah. God was with him in great ways. Take comfort in that, if you have not already.
   In my lifetime, I am almost 66, I have never seen a president treated in such a disrespectful and dishonorable way. I want to apologize on behalf of ALL of those that have done this to you, and your family. I know God will be your defense, ultimately. Good always triumphs over evil. In the Spirit realm this is really a war between evil and good, light and darkness. Not really Democrats vs Republicans. It is an age-old fight.  In the book of Revelation, it states that in the end, EVERY KNEE WILL BOW! My prayer is that happens, sooner than later. But you cannot have anyone more powerful than God on your side. Your unflinching tenacity and resolution clearly are gifts from God. Thank you for taking this job, leaving the comforts of where you were, to face all that you have.
   Thank you for being a ‘promise keeper’, and for turning this nation around!!! Thank you for being a true patriot! Thank you for saying yes to God!!!
    Secondly, I am so distressed over our governor’s, Mario Cuomo’s reproductive act. This is your home state as well.  I know you have many battles on your plate. But I had to step forward and ask, can you help?  I worked in Newborn Nursery, NICU and I have seen many things. I know you value life, as well!
    I actually wrote a letter to my county’s state senate representative, Pam Helming.    What I said to her was could there not be a bill introduced to fund adoptions? Give pregnant women maybe financial incentives to keep their babies and then make it financially easier for families to adopt. I just feel that would be less expensive than funding abortions and would be an enticement to save lives.  I have not received an answer as of yet. Am I off base?? I am just a small fish in a very large sea!
   As I continue to watch the news, I see some states are passing bills, to criminalize abortion, and even ban them from babies that heartbeats exist. Interesting thought; if lack of a heartbeat indicates death, why is having a heart beat not defining life universally? To me it is obvious. It pains me to see potential husbands, wives, inventors, scientists, educators, etc, killed before their time and before their destinies cannot be fulfilled.
   Is it impossible for our government on a federal level to step in, somehow? This is all so much craziness. It is either one way or the other.
  Well that is for me. My prayer is someday I can meet you, however
In the meantime, my husband and I are part of your fan club, and supporter. I actually was in the hanger in Rochester, NY when you came here before the election. It was so exciting, and I actually got a video of you talking.
  God bless you always,

Josephine M. Ayers, (rev)
11 Erie street North, Macedon, NY 14502/951 237 2800/ josephine@flamesoffire.us

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