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Flames of Fire Ministries Inc. Introduces Game Changers for God, Podcast.


Hi I am, Rev. Josephine Marie Ayers, President and Founder of Flames of Fire Ministries Inc.

I have real passion from personal experience to share how God transformed my thinking in this area. Believing I was and could be a Game Changer for GOD!

I will take you through what a Game Changer for God is, how to get there, and more! Did you know that it is within all of us Believers to be Game Changers for God? YES, it is true.  In John 14:12 Jesus tells us that we WILL do greater things then He did, I this day, and in this hour! Do you really believe that? We should it is truth!

The enemy of our soul has strategies planned to disable us, and make us weak and impotent!

It is so important that we are aware of them, and also not just know the truth, but believe it. How do you know the lies? Well you need to know the truth first!

One of the mandates of Flames of Fire, is to Motivate, Educate and Activate the Body of Christ to those greater things that Jesus tells us we are to do in this day and this hour, with signs and wonders following.

You as a listener can look forward to hearing about how to go from a mediocre Christian, to one who walks in authority, and the with the Resurrection Power! God wants to transform us to walk as He did, with our God given authority and His Power!

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Can you possibly imagine if we all grabbed a hold of this and walked in that kind of authority, there would not be a demon in hell that would come near us!  The world today would be a much different place! That is what it means to be a Game Changer for GOD!!!!!

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