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    The Lord has been talking to me last week, and this week about fear.  I believe God is taking us to a higher level of trust, in Him.  The bible says, ‘Do not fear’ in 103 known verses. The way I interpret that is, to not fear is very important to God. He wants to carry our burdens, and wants us to spend precious time with Him, rather than in worry, and fear.

    God talks to me with illustrated experiences and last week was another. Now over the years He has delivered me from much fear.  The area specifically still raw, is fear of medical trauma’. I have many stories in this area, but over the years God has given me much victory in this area. I have had many traumatic medical experiences.

   This is how it went down.  I have had upper chest and throat spasms, and the thought was to eliminate whether this was reflux or heart.  I had a stress echocardiogram done as the primary evaluation. When I went for the test the tech had a hard time visualizing my heart with ultrasound because they were not able to get the contrast media in. It went well, or I would have known about it right away.  When I went for the follow up, it went all downhill.

   I do have at least two other risk factors and, the Cardiac Nurse Practitioner that did my appointment started in with it was ‘slightly abnormal’. I myself had not seen the report yet, and but the time she got done with me, my anxiety level was in the moon. I have a vacation planned and the way she presented the scenario along with her concern and past experiences, I was very upset not to mention frightened. Oh, my gosh I am going away soon.

  However, my gut said, ‘there is nothing wrong with your heart’.  I put this on a prayer list, and refused immediate testing and set a date, after I return to repeat stress test.  However, I had this uncanny peace about the whole thing.  Then a prophetic brother in the Lord spent a good deal of time convincing me that I should have it done before I leave.  So now I am, is this you Lord, or this person concern for me? Which by the way I really did appreciate this person’s care for me! But now I am not only not peaceful, but confused as well. Mind you I only want God’s will, in all of this.

   I had others pray but honestly I sought Him in prayer and basically said, ‘if you want me having this test before I go, I will but I am trusting that you are going to validate this through a doctor, one way or the other!  I had an appointment set up already for this past Monday, am.

  I had also asked the cardiologist office for a copy of the original report. I have an RN background and know enough to make me dangerous. But it looked good to me, and the final words, inconclusive diagnostic, made me feel even better. But I had no fear about getting on a plane without having the repeat test, before. The fear came in when I went against my peace and opened up to ‘well-meant advice’ from someone who had already been this road, and it did not work out well.


1)  Colossians 3:15 Amplified, says, “15 Let the peace of Christ (the inner calm of one who walks daily with Him) be the controlling factor in your hearts (deciding and settling questions that arise). To this peace indeed you were called as members in one body (of believers). And be thankful (to God) always. Let peace be your umpire.  The umpire calls the shots in a sports event.

For me I had no peace about any of those tests, nor did I feel Him leading me to.  But my quandary was I avoiding it, because medical procedures are not my forte. No, it was God’s peace. Once you have it, you know it! How do you know, because there is NO FEAR attached?

2)  When I looked at the whole picture and knowing the truth for me; how much He loves me, is doing amazing things in my life right now, it did not make sense that God would scare me, and also sink my ship with a heart event, on a God ordained trip.

3)  My friends were praying, but mostly I had learned follow the peace. God in His infinite mercy and grace to me, allowed the Dr. to confirm my ‘gut feeling’.  Basically, he agreed with me, and said in not so many words, I needed the vacation more than this other test.

 In the times that are at hand, especially with pre-election and now post-election unrest, my peace tells me that God’s Kingdom is coming one way or the other. I need not fear as long as I am in right standing with God.

   It saddens me to hear so many believers frightened with all the protests when God did such amazing thing and took a nonpolitical person, catapult them into being president elect.  If God did not want him in there, he would not be. Who’s in control folks?  However, as believer’s fear is one of our biggest enemies.  It creates an environment to do possibly things that are not of Him, to others or ourselves, period.  Even the bible says, where sin abounds, grace abounds more. Romans 5:20.

  To me the bottom line is; do you believe what God said in His word or not?

   When we put on fear, not matter what the application, we are stepping out of the peace God has for us. It opens us up also to having static on our “spiritual lines”. It is also as I read it, is disobedience to Gods word, and opens us up to the ramifications of that.

   Not to fear is a choice. Not only that when we speak to others in the ‘fear mode” we now spread the contagion around.   Perhaps the time would be better spent in the word, meditating on His promises, and in prayer. If we are tucked into that secret place, Psalm 91, describes, the intimate knowledge of His love, we will have nothing to fear.

   I brought my temporary confusion on myself in a sense, and God in His infinite mercy to me, kept bringing me back to my peace, which in effect was, His.

  I say to you all this day, that God is on the Throne, He does not plan on leaving, and that is my comfort, and I hope yours. All things will work together for good for us, Romans 8:28, we either believe it or not. It’s all in black, white and red!  Something else to add to my repertoire of life experiences with God. I know He wants to deliver myself and all of you to that place of, ‘no fear’.  A place where we can stare at it in the face and say, ‘make my day”, my GOD reigns. I’d like to get to a place of such authority in Him that when I walk into a room every fear demon in town will flee. It’s coming and can come for you. What an amazing place this world would be! You have to allow Him to take you through the valleys and experiences with confidence He will deliver us, to make us such dangerous warriors for His Glory, Victory and overcoming.  Not to mention to be used to deliver others!!!! People fear is never from God, that is truth! We are only to reverently fear a Holy God. Therefore, when fear comes knocking at your door, FEAR NOT!

   God bless your day,

Josephine Marie Ayers/Flames of Fire Ministries, Inc



November 16, 2016



Matthew 11:30

Matthew 10:28

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