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Whats Your Spiritual Foot Print look like?


Whats Your Spiritual Foot Print look like?

What’s Your Spiritual Foot Print look like? What’s in your shoe closet?


   God has been speaking to me about authority, the authority that He has given us, through His Resurrection Power.  I have myself noticed that too many in the Body of Christ are not moving in their God given authority, and some are not even aware that they have the power and authority to tread on snakes and scorpions in Jesus Name.

  The power to raise the dead, cast out demons, heal the sick, change a nation, and the world IS available to us all, now, in His name. God’s word says that we have the fullness of the God head in us, along with His authority and power. This is NOT an equation for failure!  

 Don’t take my word for it, read your bibles. Look at how Esther, one woman, saved her nation? What would have happened if she said, no that’s not for me, I’m too busy, don’t want to take the risk, I can’t do that, I have nothing to wear? She did not even have the written word of God!  I think we know the answer to that question. Thank you Lord for you are calling all of us to be Esther’s in one way or the other.

  Many also feel that their foot print is one of many, in a sea of feet, that would never count. The problem with that mind set is that the majority of Kingdom business is left to what I would call known, spiritual heavy hitters! This task was not meant for a select few.

 This deception and lie, of the enemy has sadly cut the majority of the Body of Christ, off by the knees, and left the church powerless. Current world conditions have been used by the enemy and a horde of fear demons have assaulted the Body of Christ. Most are not fighting back, and they cannot even make a spiritual foot print of any kind, and some are not even walking.  Can you imagine if we ALL felt that way, nothing would happen ever? We have a God given opportunity to make a mark in this world no matter how bleak it may look. How many times does GOD say in His word, Fear NOT! I believe it is 365 times!

  Remember that unity and prayer is what brought down the Holy Spirit with tongues of fire in Acts Chapter 2. The disciples (ordinary men) left that room, Apostles, with signs and wonders following, making deep spiritual imprints everywhere they went. That is my heart. Are you ready for God to download possibilities in Him to you? Do you dare step out of your comfortable and safe boats to believe and act?! Can you mend fences with your brothers and sisters in the Lord to facilitate unity, or are these offenses just being shoveled under the bed?  The devil and his cronies are your enemies, not your brothers and sisters.

   What also was brought to my memory was the Foot Prints poem.  Basically a weary Christian is wondering where Jesus is in his or her trials, seeing only one set of foot prints in the sand. But Jesus goes on to tell that individual that the reason there was only one set of foot prints was because Jesus was carrying them.  This is not the spiritual footprints God was trying to describe to me, today, however I am sure that the footprint marks in the sand were very visible, because of the weight Jesus was carrying, us! And He carried that weight to the cross, so we would inherit eternity and continue His work here, with His Resurrection Power, and His authority at our disposal.

   If the Body of Christ as a whole can make the connection that He is enthroned in us, that we have full authority to use His Name, His Blood, and Resurrection Power. Things will start to shake.  The spiritual climate will become electric; things will start to change, the boulders in our lives will roll away!  There is no way it could not.  Don’t go on what I say, it’s in His Word. It is way past time!

  I have heard it said that we may be the only bible people will ever see. That carries with it an awesome responsibility to make sure our steps count and are visible with what Jesus would have others see, in our wake.  Is that a predominate thought of ours every day? It should be!

  There are lots of foot prints, smooth, spiked, deep treads, partial, bare feet.  What does your spiritual footprint look like? Are you carrying a heavy presence of God, Ephesians 6 armor (with the shoes of peace), that leaves deep imprints? Again, the weight and what kind of shoe we wear determines the depth of the imprint. Even in hard soil spikes make marks!!!

   Are you wearing those spiked shoes, so it’s clear that the GOD of peace will use you to crush Satan’s head under your feet? Or are you just wearing slippers, smooth soles? Complacent, just content to let someone else do it? Or maybe nothing at all? Very vulnerable to injury?

  We are here in this world to fulfill the great commission. The choice is ours as to our foot gear we will put on.  What’s in your closet? 

  Can you imagine if all of us had on the Presence, the armor, prayer, the Word, worship, those spiritual shoes with spikes or treads, moving forward in unison with one another?! The weight of what carry will determine the depth of the foot print. Are we carrying the weight of the world, or His Yoke, His burden is easy, His yoke is light?  We can leave deep, and indelible foot prints. Just as Jesus and the Apostles did that their spiritual footprints that have gone on for generations, that we know can walk in.  We can do same for future generations.

 Can you further imagine that the ground beneath us shaking in mass with His power? Change would happen in our lives, cities, towns, nations and the world? Every demon would flee to the dry and arid places. It is possible folks!

  We are called by God to do those greater things than these that He did. Believe it! I feel the Lord saying to us all, to check out walks, our footgear and make sure that we are leaving those deep spiritual foot prints, for His Kingdom!

  The time is ripe, for such a time as this, we have been called, and we CAN make a difference.

   He is calling forth His army to take dominion and the land for the Kingdom of God, and we are all a part of it.

  Lord I ask the truth of this revelation sink deeply and take root Your people. Let them put You on, and that their identity in You be so ignited and cemented in their hearts, there will be no stopping Your army.

 Wake us up Lord to see possibilities, and tools that you have given us, along with our God given inheritances and heavenly identity, that we can make great and mighty spiritual footprints. Give us the passion Lord to even want to do that.  Help us recognize that the enemy of our souls would like nothing more than to disarm, and anesthetize us. Let us move forward with you Lord.


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Josephine M. Ayers/ Flames of Fire Ministries



September 26,2016






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